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Dunc Ahn

What does it take to change your life, truly, irrevocably?  A California ski instructor finds out the hard way.


A Bosnian boy lives and loves amid the tragedy of the Bosnian war.  This is a tale of a life taken and a life given.


The story reveals the traumas that have kept Trio Hellas and his family from their dreams of a better life begun by his father, a poor Greek sponge diver who finds an ancient golden vase at the bottom of the sea. If sold in London to an antiquities dealer it could bring a very high price. Instead of unlocking dreams, the vase brings travail and darkness to those involved.

For The Blood of Pigeons

Rubies, stolen in the sixteenth century, then recovered are stolen again from Corsica. Roulon Balbozar must find them at all cost. Nazi occultists, directed by Himmler are working alchemical to produce a ruby elixir to make Hitler immortal.